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 Besant Nagar, Chennai

 An ISO 9001:2008 Organisation

Sairam Forgings is situated at Thirumudivakkam SIDCO Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sairam Forgings has team of around 50 peoples from planning to designing. Making of own dies and tools, Manufacturing process control, Quality Control, Testing and Inspection. Our product range includes Speedo Meter Drive Gear, Timing Gears, Clutch Hubs, Worm Wheel, Rocker Lever, Brake Pedal etc.

We deal with the various material specifications like British Standard Specifications EN Series, American Specifications SAE/AISI/ASTM, German Specifications - Din Series and IS Specifications.

Most of our products are supplied to Original Equipments manufacturers (OEM).

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What is Forging

Forging is a process used to for (metal) using heat and hammering or heat and high pressure. Forging has unique value among manufacturing processes. The Industry is a key link between critical manufacturing segments – metal suppliers and end user industries. Forgings are intermediate products used widely by the original equipment manufacturers in the production of durable goods. The range in size from less than an ounce to more than 150 tones and are found in machines, vehicles and equipment.

Forging Process

During forging process, a metal work piece is plastically deformed by pressing, squeezing or hammering forces – usually at temperatures varying form ambient to 1500 Deg. C – So that it approaches its maximum theoretical density and the upper limits of the material’s potentially strength.

The properties of the worked metal can be greatly enhanced by selecting the proper types and sequence of operations. The controlled process of deformation that takes place imparts exceptional metallurgical soundness and mechanical properties to the forging – structural integrity, impact strength and fracture of toughness, fatigue life, and uniformity.

The bulk of the forged products are formed by using impression die hot forging.

Process in Brief

Metal Finishers receives steel rods in bar stocks, these bar stock are cut into small cut lengths through shearing machines or power hacksaw machine.

The work piece is heated to become red hot in an oil fired furnace.

The red hot metal piece is subject to upsetting process by which the piece gains in diameter while losing length.

The red hot piece is then subjected to pressing in a powered high tonnage Hammer / Press on an side of suitable shape.

The forged material is trimmed in a trimming press to separate the flash and projections. The flash is removed as scrap and the forged component is subjected to cooling or normalizing as the case may be.

The hot forged metal is allowed to cool and then is subjected to shot blasting in shot blasting machine. The forged part is then ready for dispatch.

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Manufacturers of hot forged metal components for the automobile industry, tractor industry, hydraulics, oil field eqipments, valve industries, located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.